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Dustin Hoffman on the set of Midnight Cowboy

Dustin Hoffman on the set of Midnight Cowboy

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Nintendo UK Store leaked new DLC for Mario Kart 8 (2014)!

Michael Fassbender | L’uomo Vogue

Michael Fassbender | L’uomo Vogue

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Andy Warhol, Botticelli, 1984

Películas vistas en 2014

125. Grand Piano

Eugenio Mira, 2013


The Giphoscope Award Trophy

The Giphoscope n. 47, displaying The Giphoscope Award winning GIF, is finally ready. The astonishing and mesmerizing winning GIF is a work by french artist Micaël Reynaud based on Summer Weather, a series of images by US photographer Michael Jang

The Giphoscope is entirely handcrafted in Italy with passion, patience and precision by Alessandro Scali and Marco Calabrese, Officina K, Turin.

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Chipsprites Plays Pokémon Emerald // Battling the Elite Four & Champ [xx۞ ~

John F. Kennedy’s favorite photo of himself, in Hyannis Port, 1959.

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Ralph Crane

A boy’s escape, 1947



in the mood for clean! 

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